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Mystery Yaje, Gateway to the Supernatural World

Indian tribes in America, especially in the Amazon has always had a powerful shamans who can cure diseases, and even predict the future. This mystery years studied by scientists to find out why.

Apparently there is one plant that can make a person experiencing hallucinations and drove him to the gates of the supernatural. This plant is a type of grape vines by the botanist called Banisteriopsis caapi.
When the stalks boiled or soaked in water and then blended with other natural ingredients, the result is a hallucinogenic substance they call Yaje (read: ya-hey) or Ayahuasca - Wine for the Soul.

In the tradition of isolated communities in the Amazon, have formed the basis of the belief that consider sacred ceremony Yaje. Amaru or shaman woman, jug ashtray prayer, and spirit in the universe is part of the reality.

  After taking Yaje, they usually feel one or more symptoms ranging from dizziness, sweating, trembling, convulsions, nausea, prolonged vomiting, diarrhea, flow of mucus from the nose, terror fears, and impulses to act aggressively. But after that? It is remarkable, the user will feel moved to cyberspace spectacular infinity, as clear a view in real life.
Experts ethnobotany from Harvard, Wade Davis, had lived in the Amazon for over a year, at the request of Professor Richard Evans Schultes, a famous pioneer and expert in psikofarmakologi (the study of hallucinogenic substances). From the professor he was getting some tips, one of which is to, "Do not ever go home before trying Yaje".

Indeed, for some communities in the Amazon, drinking less Yaje they normally did on many occasions with a variety of purposes. For them, Yaje is a "drug" that potentially treat physical and mental disorders.

Spare Amahuaca famous hunting experts connect their sensitivity while hunting with the ability to see the spirits of animals after drinking Yaje so that they can learn the movements and habits of the prey animal. While tribal Tukanoan use Yaje to communicate with their ancestors and explore the sky.

In a note to Richard Evans Schultes Davis on tribal Kofan, "Yaje is the source of all knowledge on the entire community. Yaje Drinking mean learning. Was from here every person receive strength and guidance to live."
When most hallucinogens produce a picture of a very varied between one person and another, not so with Yaje. Even the new users who are not familiar with the cultural traditions of South America, Yaje also gives the same hallucination, a tiger or a big snake.

This fact has long been a question mark for psychologists. Some say, this picture may be a result of memory savings that is genetically inherited, such as fear cues are embedded deep in the human genome, which is raised again by Yaje.

Vision due Yaje have other similarities. People who experience it can put thoughts into the minds of people or other creatures. That ability comes from Banisteriopsis compounds in wine - which is now called harmine. Appropriate to their original dub telepathine. Wade Davis was not surprised, shamans able to enchant the animals in the forest to come "surrender" as animal sacrifice.

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