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5 Terrible Event Fires in the World

Forest fires are common events in countries that have a lot of example only Indonesia forests are very frequent forest fires every year, but fires in Indonesia is not in the stage of terrible wildfires because not many lives lost. Forest fire events in other countries seing casualties due to fires is severe enough and even horrific. Well here are some of the most terrible forest fires that have occurred in the world, wanted to know what it's like wildfires refer Terrible 5 Forest Fire Event in the World below.

1. Peshtigo fire
Peshtigo forest fire occurred on October 8, 1871 a large forest fire occurred in Peshtigo, Wisconsin. Peshtigo forest fire becomes its own history in the case of forest fires in Amerka at least 2,500 people died in this fire incident.

2. Wildfires Kursha-2
Kursya forest fires occurred in August 3, 1936. This disaster caused human deaths reached 1200 people. The main cause of this fire is a catastrophic firestorm that burned forests.

3. Cloquet fire
The 1918 Cloquet fire was a major fire disaster in northern Minnesota in October, 1918. Caused by a spark in the local train coupled with dry conditions. This disaster led to the western Carlton County devastated, Moose Lake, Cloquet, and Kettle River. Cloquet region is the area most damaged by this disaster. This disaster is the worst natural disaster in the history of Minnesota. Total casualties who died reached 453 lives were lost and 52,000 people were injured or displaced, 38 communities were destroyed, 250,000 hectares (1,000 km2) burned, and a loss of $ 73 million in property damage suffered.

4. The Great Hinckley Fire
Hinckley forest fire occurred on 1 September 1894 this resulted in forest fires 1000 km ² of land on fire and even burned the city of Hinckley and Minnesota. In the event of fire hundreds of people were burned to death at least 418 fatalities.

5. The Great Thumb Fire
The fire occurred on 5 September 1881, in the Thumb, Michigan in the United States. The fire burned over a million acres (4,000 km ²) in less than a day, is a consequence of the drought that hit, plus wind, heat, and ecological damage caused by logging. This event, called "the Great Thumb Fire", "The Great Forest Fire of 1881" or "the Huron Fire" that killed 282 people in Sanilac, Lapeer, Tuscola and Huron. Estimates of the damage reached $ 2,347,000 loss.

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