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5 Terrible Event Fires in the World

Forest fires are common events in countries that have a lot of example only Indonesia forests are very frequent forest fires every year, but fires in Indonesia is not in the stage of terrible wildfires because not many lives lost. Forest fire events in other countries seing casualties due to fires is severe enough and even horrific. Well here are some of the most terrible forest fires that have occurred in the world, wanted to know what it's like wildfires refer Terrible 5 Forest Fire Event in the World below.

1. Peshtigo fire
Peshtigo forest fire occurred on October 8, 1871 a large forest fire occurred in Peshtigo, Wisconsin. Peshtigo forest fire becomes its own history in the case of forest fires in Amerka at least 2,500 people died in this fire incident.

2. Wildfires Kursha-2
Kursya forest fires occurred in August 3, 1936. This disaster caused human deaths reached 1200 people. The main cause of this fire is a catastrophic firestorm that burned forests.

3. Cloquet fire
The 1918 Cloquet fire was a major fire disaster in northern Minnesota in October, 1918. Caused by a spark in the local train coupled with dry conditions. This disaster led to the western Carlton County devastated, Moose Lake, Cloquet, and Kettle River. Cloquet region is the area most damaged by this disaster. This disaster is the worst natural disaster in the history of Minnesota. Total casualties who died reached 453 lives were lost and 52,000 people were injured or displaced, 38 communities were destroyed, 250,000 hectares (1,000 km2) burned, and a loss of $ 73 million in property damage suffered.

4. The Great Hinckley Fire
Hinckley forest fire occurred on 1 September 1894 this resulted in forest fires 1000 km ² of land on fire and even burned the city of Hinckley and Minnesota. In the event of fire hundreds of people were burned to death at least 418 fatalities.

5. The Great Thumb Fire
The fire occurred on 5 September 1881, in the Thumb, Michigan in the United States. The fire burned over a million acres (4,000 km ²) in less than a day, is a consequence of the drought that hit, plus wind, heat, and ecological damage caused by logging. This event, called "the Great Thumb Fire", "The Great Forest Fire of 1881" or "the Huron Fire" that killed 282 people in Sanilac, Lapeer, Tuscola and Huron. Estimates of the damage reached $ 2,347,000 loss.

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There Mermaid Places in Lake Weeki Wachee, Florida

Want to see the mermaids come directly into the lake just Weeki Wachee, Florida in the United States in this lake there are beautiful mermaid who will entertain you.

Lake Weeki Wachee, Florida there is a very beautiful tourist spot Weeki Wachee besides the lake beautiful lake in the lake is no designation of a mermaid who entertain the tourists.

Mermaid attraction in Weeki Wachee Florida Lake is the oldest and unique tourist attractions that exist in the United States at least a tourist attraction has been there since 60 years ago.

In this tourist attraction beautiful mermaid who will dance for 30 to 45 minutes, three times a day and every day of the week at the lake. Mermaids were entertaining the tourists are not the original mermaid like the one in the fairy tale but a beautiful woman who has been trained to dive. The beautiful woman is equipped with costumes and original mermaid tail should.

To be a dancer is not easy mermaid divers must be in the water with a temperature of 5-20 degrees Celsius. They also had to wear a mermaid costume is tight and quite heavy when in the water.

Travel mermaid at Weeki Wachee this lake never reached its peak in the 1960s, when celebrities such as Elvis Presley and even come to watch it. Until now these attractions are still quite popular, attracting 175 thousand tourists annually.

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Photo: The Loofah Fruit Uniquely Similar Breast Women

There is a uniquely named Loofah fruit very similar to a woman's breasts in Vietnam.

This unique fruit pink long size with the bottom slightly enlarged unique Loofah fruit is having her nipple like nipple, if observed Loofah fruit is very similar to a woman's breasts was curious as to what this fruit picture see photo below.

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Senin, 17 Desember 2012

Mystery Yaje, Gateway to the Supernatural World

Indian tribes in America, especially in the Amazon has always had a powerful shamans who can cure diseases, and even predict the future. This mystery years studied by scientists to find out why.

Apparently there is one plant that can make a person experiencing hallucinations and drove him to the gates of the supernatural. This plant is a type of grape vines by the botanist called Banisteriopsis caapi.
When the stalks boiled or soaked in water and then blended with other natural ingredients, the result is a hallucinogenic substance they call Yaje (read: ya-hey) or Ayahuasca - Wine for the Soul.

In the tradition of isolated communities in the Amazon, have formed the basis of the belief that consider sacred ceremony Yaje. Amaru or shaman woman, jug ashtray prayer, and spirit in the universe is part of the reality.

  After taking Yaje, they usually feel one or more symptoms ranging from dizziness, sweating, trembling, convulsions, nausea, prolonged vomiting, diarrhea, flow of mucus from the nose, terror fears, and impulses to act aggressively. But after that? It is remarkable, the user will feel moved to cyberspace spectacular infinity, as clear a view in real life.
Experts ethnobotany from Harvard, Wade Davis, had lived in the Amazon for over a year, at the request of Professor Richard Evans Schultes, a famous pioneer and expert in psikofarmakologi (the study of hallucinogenic substances). From the professor he was getting some tips, one of which is to, "Do not ever go home before trying Yaje".

Indeed, for some communities in the Amazon, drinking less Yaje they normally did on many occasions with a variety of purposes. For them, Yaje is a "drug" that potentially treat physical and mental disorders.

Spare Amahuaca famous hunting experts connect their sensitivity while hunting with the ability to see the spirits of animals after drinking Yaje so that they can learn the movements and habits of the prey animal. While tribal Tukanoan use Yaje to communicate with their ancestors and explore the sky.

In a note to Richard Evans Schultes Davis on tribal Kofan, "Yaje is the source of all knowledge on the entire community. Yaje Drinking mean learning. Was from here every person receive strength and guidance to live."
When most hallucinogens produce a picture of a very varied between one person and another, not so with Yaje. Even the new users who are not familiar with the cultural traditions of South America, Yaje also gives the same hallucination, a tiger or a big snake.

This fact has long been a question mark for psychologists. Some say, this picture may be a result of memory savings that is genetically inherited, such as fear cues are embedded deep in the human genome, which is raised again by Yaje.

Vision due Yaje have other similarities. People who experience it can put thoughts into the minds of people or other creatures. That ability comes from Banisteriopsis compounds in wine - which is now called harmine. Appropriate to their original dub telepathine. Wade Davis was not surprised, shamans able to enchant the animals in the forest to come "surrender" as animal sacrifice.

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7 Foods That Can Clean Nicotine In Body

Smoking is a bad habit that is harmful to health. We all know that. But in fact, many people are still struggling in these bad habits.

Nicotine is the addictive substance found in tobacco. This substance can increase blood pressure and the risk of lung damage. In addition, the effects of nicotine will last for years, even though a person has stopped smoking. Here is a good healthy diet to remove residual nicotine in the body, as reported by Boldsky.

1. broccoli
Green leafy vegetables are a source of foods rich in vitamin C and B5. The habit of smoking reduces the amount of vitamin C in the body. By eating broccoli, you can reduce the levels of nicotine from the body.

2. orange
Citrus fruits are a rich food source of vitamin C. You can increase your metabolism and reduce stress by drinking orange juice on a regular basis.

3. carrots
Nicotine "hiding" in the body for 3 days, when you smoke one. Bad habits gradually rose spoil the look of your skin. Thus, consumption of carrot juice - rich in vitamins A, C, K, and B - which helps to eliminate nicotine from your system.

4. spinach
Spinach is a green leafy vegetables are rich in folic acid. The amount of nicotine in the body can affect the health of the fetus. After quitting smoking, immediate consumption of spinach to remove nicotine from the body.

5. kiwi
Kiwi can help eliminate nicotine from the body. The fruit is a food source that is rich in vitamins C, A, E.

6. berries
All kinds of berries are very good for consumption because it contains a lot of antioxidants. Berries also help eliminate the amount of nicotine from the body.

7. water
Smoking causes dehydration. According to experts, you can stop smoking and reduce nicotine to increase the consumption of water.

Smoking is an unhealthy habit that aggravate the condition of the body. If not now, then when you will stop doing it.

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Minggu, 16 Desember 2012

7 Ways to Declare Love Girls

1. "I like you, you would not be my girlfriend?"This is the simplest. Puppy love junior high school age. At the time the guy still try to express love to the girl he likes. Usually these words spoken by shaking or quasi confident incredible. Symptoms, the day before the girl can be felt already. Attitude strange, awkward, and did not really emerge as the indicator.value: *
2. "I think I love you. Want dating with me? "This is my experience. Believe it not, if there is the word "think" in front of the boy's statement, expressed by ostentatiously cool and grinning teeth until plasticity which actually makes him look weird. Please yes, pliiisss ....... Shoot really use 'think' about? Not really right? This shows if the boy hesitated and therefore makes the girl so well hesitate to accept the boy to be his girlfriend ..... hehehe.value: *
3. "Come on dating!"This indicates that the shooter is one who easy going. I like you like it, let's courtship. Suitable for couples who want fun-appeal. Especially for those who actually do not love, but want aja dating .... hohoho. If according to the girl sich, "If it is just about having fun, I'll give it a try". Actually really fun like this because not use small talk, but shoot straight. Oh yes, pliiiss noted that the boy did not declare his feelings. So, tomorrow, tomorrow the hard guy held accountable ...... hahahaha.value: **
4. "I love you. How'd you like to be my life partner? "Ouch, this one phrase ya. Weight coy! For me, this is not a romantic-romantic. Why? Hmm ....... mate? I am a person that believes if a spouse is determined by the Creator, so you can not purpose someone to be your soulmate. But somehow, some friends I heard even float. (Confused mode on)value: *
5. "I love you. How'd you like it through the day with me? "This is a statement that is not clear. Please yes, through the day with just how to do it? What should be kept together? In fact, so you know .... hehehe. Continue how then? Accompanying? Following? What ya mean??? Not really lah! Do not try ya! But that's personal opinion lowh. Note: there are a couple of my friends were shot this way and they are happy! Duh, I can not understand!
6. "I love you. Want to be my wife? "This may be appropriate if the age of the boy was pronounced enough. If junior-high school kids who say Look, even scary results. If students who say Look, the girls get ready invited young marriage. If that guy say that his wife Gini have two, then believe me friends, that life would not be happy later ....... hahahaha.
7. "You would not be my sun in the morning? Or my star in the dark night? "These words are usually uttered by the guy who artisan rag. So, he uses seduction to shoot the girl to be his girlfriend. If saia and my girl friends shot like this, definitely will immediately replied, "Uh, What do the sun each month to retire huh?" Hehehe

5 Animals Frequently Considered Human incarnation

Animals and humans are not the same, but some people believe that man can be transformed into pigs Ngepet example only animal that is so human-like imitation pig. Among people in Indonesia alone celebrants animals besides pigs there are other animals that are often regarded as the incarnation of man you ever want to know what else the animal is considered the incarnation of human seing see 5 Animals Frequently Considered Human incarnation below.

1. Crocodile
The disaster in Situ Gintung, Ciputat South Tangerang leaving mystical story. The legend says that it was inhabited by an old grandmother who becomes a white alligator.

Another mystery is the crocodile was often asked victimizing. Local residents feel the emergence of a crocodile in the middle of the lake as a sign. After that there are people who have lost family members.

Events that killed a hundred people that were associated with the anger of the residents there.

2. Pig
The phenomenon of pigs Ngepet in Indonesia is not a new story in the community. Many believe that the human swine Ngepet is looking for riches.

In some stories or television images often portrayed man turned into a pig and then targeting the homes of residents who allegedly have a lot of money.

When pigs Ngepet action, a person, usually the wife of pigs Ngepet, in charge of keeping the candle. The candle will be swayed if the pig Ngepet in danger, the guard must immediately blow the candle to be saved.

3. Snake
Residents at Mount Bunder, Bogor, West Java believe if the place was a funeral place Nyai Chippy, the snake man. This news was quickly spread to almost all corners of Bogor.

Whether true or not, but the story is enough to make people curious. His form is like, no one can really describe it.

4. Dog
Villagers Leaks, District Kedungbanteng, Banyumas, catch dogs that had allegedly preyed 19 goats residents. It is believed the dog was not a normal animal.

5. Monkey
The story is narrated by a young man who is engrossed in the village gathered in Central Cigugur Ciputri village, Cimahi. At that time suddenly appeared a monkey, and immediately attracted attention.

Arrested while trying to flee the monkey, and one of the boys threw stones at the monkeys. Strangely monkey was moaning in pain, but remained vague into the culvert under the railroad tracks.

Caricature: Bring run the net

Do not want to concede? Want to stay safe wicket? This is an alternative way you can do: take the net run! A work of artistic caricature nan tickle of Zapiro (