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5 Animals Frequently Considered Human incarnation

Animals and humans are not the same, but some people believe that man can be transformed into pigs Ngepet example only animal that is so human-like imitation pig. Among people in Indonesia alone celebrants animals besides pigs there are other animals that are often regarded as the incarnation of man you ever want to know what else the animal is considered the incarnation of human seing see 5 Animals Frequently Considered Human incarnation below.

1. Crocodile
The disaster in Situ Gintung, Ciputat South Tangerang leaving mystical story. The legend says that it was inhabited by an old grandmother who becomes a white alligator.

Another mystery is the crocodile was often asked victimizing. Local residents feel the emergence of a crocodile in the middle of the lake as a sign. After that there are people who have lost family members.

Events that killed a hundred people that were associated with the anger of the residents there.

2. Pig
The phenomenon of pigs Ngepet in Indonesia is not a new story in the community. Many believe that the human swine Ngepet is looking for riches.

In some stories or television images often portrayed man turned into a pig and then targeting the homes of residents who allegedly have a lot of money.

When pigs Ngepet action, a person, usually the wife of pigs Ngepet, in charge of keeping the candle. The candle will be swayed if the pig Ngepet in danger, the guard must immediately blow the candle to be saved.

3. Snake
Residents at Mount Bunder, Bogor, West Java believe if the place was a funeral place Nyai Chippy, the snake man. This news was quickly spread to almost all corners of Bogor.

Whether true or not, but the story is enough to make people curious. His form is like, no one can really describe it.

4. Dog
Villagers Leaks, District Kedungbanteng, Banyumas, catch dogs that had allegedly preyed 19 goats residents. It is believed the dog was not a normal animal.

5. Monkey
The story is narrated by a young man who is engrossed in the village gathered in Central Cigugur Ciputri village, Cimahi. At that time suddenly appeared a monkey, and immediately attracted attention.

Arrested while trying to flee the monkey, and one of the boys threw stones at the monkeys. Strangely monkey was moaning in pain, but remained vague into the culvert under the railroad tracks.

Penulis: Andi Aryatno Lokasi: Purworejo, Jawa Tengah

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