Minggu, 16 Desember 2012

7 Ways to Declare Love Girls

1. "I like you, you would not be my girlfriend?"This is the simplest. Puppy love junior high school age. At the time the guy still try to express love to the girl he likes. Usually these words spoken by shaking or quasi confident incredible. Symptoms, the day before the girl can be felt already. Attitude strange, awkward, and did not really emerge as the indicator.value: *
2. "I think I love you. Want dating with me? "This is my experience. Believe it not, if there is the word "think" in front of the boy's statement, expressed by ostentatiously cool and grinning teeth until plasticity which actually makes him look weird. Please yes, pliiisss ....... Shoot really use 'think' about? Not really right? This shows if the boy hesitated and therefore makes the girl so well hesitate to accept the boy to be his girlfriend ..... hehehe.value: *
3. "Come on dating!"This indicates that the shooter is one who easy going. I like you like it, let's courtship. Suitable for couples who want fun-appeal. Especially for those who actually do not love, but want aja dating .... hohoho. If according to the girl sich, "If it is just about having fun, I'll give it a try". Actually really fun like this because not use small talk, but shoot straight. Oh yes, pliiiss noted that the boy did not declare his feelings. So, tomorrow, tomorrow the hard guy held accountable ...... hahahaha.value: **
4. "I love you. How'd you like to be my life partner? "Ouch, this one phrase ya. Weight coy! For me, this is not a romantic-romantic. Why? Hmm ....... mate? I am a person that believes if a spouse is determined by the Creator, so you can not purpose someone to be your soulmate. But somehow, some friends I heard even float. (Confused mode on)value: *
5. "I love you. How'd you like it through the day with me? "This is a statement that is not clear. Please yes, through the day with just how to do it? What should be kept together? In fact, so you know .... hehehe. Continue how then? Accompanying? Following? What ya mean??? Not really lah! Do not try ya! But that's personal opinion lowh. Note: there are a couple of my friends were shot this way and they are happy! Duh, I can not understand!
6. "I love you. Want to be my wife? "This may be appropriate if the age of the boy was pronounced enough. If junior-high school kids who say Look, even scary results. If students who say Look, the girls get ready invited young marriage. If that guy say that his wife Gini have two, then believe me friends, that life would not be happy later ....... hahahaha.
7. "You would not be my sun in the morning? Or my star in the dark night? "These words are usually uttered by the guy who artisan rag. So, he uses seduction to shoot the girl to be his girlfriend. If saia and my girl friends shot like this, definitely will immediately replied, "Uh, What do the sun each month to retire huh?" Hehehe

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